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Duodenoscope Testing Offered in Response to CDC Interim Culture Method

Due to the outbreaks of bacterial infection associated with reprocessed Duodenoscope, CDC has issued an interim surveillance protocol, sampling method and culture method for Duodenoscope after reprocessing. Recent reports relate to CRE (Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacea) transmission and death associated with persistently contaminated Duodenoscope. CDC and international guidelines recommends surveillance every 4 weeks or annually for all scopes that have elevator mechanism.

Aerobiology Laboratories have the capabilities to perform the both qualitative and quantitative (culture) CDC method for the sample collected and  analysis from the Duodenoscope surveillance. The lab can also provide with the technical information for sampling and also sampling kit for sampling of the scopes. Test code 2016 TAT for analysis (including identification) is 5-7 days. Please contact Aerobiology laboratories for more technical information and pricing, (877) 648-9150.


CDC Interim Protocol –

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