Asbestos Testing and Analysis

Aerobiology Laboratory offers testing for asbestos containing materials at our Virginia, Phoenix and Colorado locations. These labs are accredited by NVLAP for PLM analysis (EPA 600/R-93/116) on building materials, soil, microvac samples, vermiculite and tape and Point Count (EPA 400/1000). We offer 2 hour TAT, same day, 24 hours and routine TAT.

The Denver location is open on Saturday.

Contact our laboratory for rush TAT samples and volume discount.

Virginia Laboratory

NVLAP #200829 Certificate
 VA Asbestos License

Phoenix Laboratory

NVLAP PLM #500097-0

Denver Laboratory

 NVLAP #200860 Certificate
 Colorado Asbestos Lab Certificate
 CO Texas PLM Certificate

TAT Offered

2 Hours
4 Hours
Same Day
24 Hours
Routine 5 Day

Test Code

3002 PLM Bulk Asbestos Analysis
To learn more about asbestos analysis and our related services please request information using the form here or call us at (877) 648-9150. Thank you!