We believe everyone wants to be part of a company that is growing. Having the opportunity to help start something from its inception, with the support of company that has been in business for 20+ years, could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. If this opportunity peaks your interest, Aerobiology is searching for an experienced QA/TM/Lab Manager for its soon-to-be-opened New York City laboratory. If you want to be part of the inception of this laboratory; be involved in its continued growth; and work for a well-known and respected environmental company – then this is the job for you!

Since we are starting from the beginning, you will be responsible for setting up the lab, with direction and support from our corporate team, and responsible for managing the lab by providing leadership and being responsible for ensuring compliance of laboratory operations. You will maintain/adjust workflow to meet TAT, make recommendations, as needed, to improve laboratory functionality, and supervising staff. We need you – someone possessing knowledge of microbiology, bacteriology, and/or asbestos analyses. If you are the person for this career opportunity, you will need to have a strong background in communication as support will be provided from most of the time.

On the QA side you will have responsibility for the development, implementation and on-going assessment of our Quality Assurance Program and providing your expertise as the Technical Manager. You will oversee and/or accomplish the design and implementation of a QA program, the establishment of frequency and type of quality control (QC) samples to be analyzed, the summary and analysis of QC data, the correction of problems indicated by QC, the proper storage and integrity of analytical and QC data, the appropriate audits of analysis results and the overall program, and the documentation of laboratory quality system deficiencies. Along with an annual audit, you will be expected to conduct ongoing reviews which include the examination of all proficiency testing data, preparation and/or review of monthly and/or quarterly control charts and review of any corrective actions taken by analysts to counteract unacceptable internal quality standards.

If you are the type of person that enjoys the challenge of starting something great, and are willing to put forth the effort, Aerobiology will use every resource to make this new laboratory a success.

Education/experience required:
• Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Biology, or related life sciences; advanced degree desired
• at least three (3) years of supervisory and/or management experience with knowledge of laboratory analyses, laboratory operations and management techniques in a commercial environmental laboratory
• at least five (5) years analytical experience involving analysis of spore traps, direct microscopic exam of bulk/swabs/tapes, viable bacterial, fungal cultures, and/or preparation and analysis of environmental samples using PLM and PCM
• QA/QC experience in lab setting
• Must have excellent communication skills; foster teamwork; and have the ability to multi-task
• The Laboratory Manager shall also have documented training in statistics or quality control procedures (see NOTE below).

NOTE: Appropriate documentation of training in statistics or laboratory quality assurance/quality control shall include at least one of the following:

1. College level course in statistics;
2. Continuing education in laboratory quality assurance/quality control (e.g., AIHA-LAP, LLC or equivalent course); or
3. Relevant experience – documented examples of the level of quality assurance/quality control used in applicable work experience.