Learn More About Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc.

Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. was founded in 1997 to support the industrial hygiene field by providing quality and timely environmental microbiology analytical services. Our expertise in building-related health issues and microbial applications allows Aerobiology to consult with professionals in all areas and aspects of microbiology.  The vision of Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. is to expand our scope of services and areas of expertise to encompass the developing needs of our clients while maintaining our high level of quality and customer service.

Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. is a woman-owned AIHA-LAP EMLAP accredited environmental microbiology laboratory with locations in the Washington, D.C. area, Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, Huntington Beach, California, Pennsauken, New Jersey and Phoenix, Arizona.  Aerobiology specializes in the analyses of bacteria associated with Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), Legionella, USP 797 compliance samples, allergens, asbestos, yeasts and mold, pollen, and soot from wildfires. Aerobiology offers product validation and research/development assistance. Established in 1997 to meet the specific needs of indoor air quality specialists and industrial hygienists, Aerobiology prides itself on providing high quality, responsive, and cost-effective environmental microbiology laboratory services. Aerobiology measures its success by the success of its customers; therefore, Aerobiology’s dedication to quality service, quick and accurate delivery of results, and consultative support by experienced experts is paramount.

As important as accreditation, is the credentials of the laboratory staff. The Aerobiology staff includes degreed and advanced degreed Environmental Microbiologists each having over twenty years of clinical and environmental laboratory analytical experience in microbiology and certification by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).

Our Corporate Overview and Management Personnel areas provide information on our company history, our services, and our leadership and technical team members. Aerobiology is proud of the amazing people that make this company what it is. We have the best group in the industry throughout our six laboratory locations.


To learn more about our laboratories, testing services, products offered and our related services please request information using the form here or call us at (877) 648-9150. Thank you!