USP 797 basic kit

New regulations in development by USP <797> suggest monthly sampling be performed in addition to the semi-annually recertification testing of facilities and equipment. To support our clients, Aerobiology now offers Compliance Kits on a subscription based plan. These kits will ship directly to your clients for the months you select and will include your custom COC and map with corresponding sampling locations (if provided). These kits give you the ability to maintain your relationship with your clients while continuing to support their analytical needs. 

The kits are available in three different options or are customizable:

Basic: 1 pack of TSA and 1 pack of SabDex contact plates

Medium: 2 packs of TSA and 2 packs of SabDex contact plates

Complex: 3 packs of TSA and 3 packs of SabDex contact plates

These turnkey kits include the following:

– Whirl-paks for repackaging

– Strips of parafilm

– Ice packs

– Return shipping label

– Custom chain of custody, sampling map if provided

– Sampling instruction sheet 

– Soft sided cooler

Optional: TSA petri plates for glove fingertip sampling

Optional: Sterile gloves

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