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Washington, D.C. – Aerobiology Laboratory – Environmental Testing

A Washington, D.C. laboratory that can handle all your analytical needs!
Our Washington, D.C. area laboratory is where Aerobiology Laboratory was born. From the humble beginnings of a 420 square foot laboratory in 1997, our corporate location has over 5,000 square feet of laboratory and office space.

This location provides our full range of analytical services to support indoor air quality, healthcare, and commercial industries. Specific analysis includes viable cultures for bacteria/fungi, non-viable spore traps, tape/swab/bulk direct microscopic analysis, Legionella culture analysis, PLM bulk and PCM air asbestos analysis, Product validation, and utilizes the latest Biolog identification platform.

With accreditations from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA LAP, LLC), National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), Virginia State Board of Drinking Water, and CDC ELITE Legionella Program, we can handle all your analytical needs.

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Meet the Staff

Suzanne Blevins,B.S., SM (ASCP)
Laboratory Director

Laboratory Director Suzanne Blevins, B.S., SM (ASCP), founder and principal of Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Biology, concentration in Microbiology. She has thirty-five years of experience in the diverse areas clinical and environmental microbiology as well as building science combined to support the healthcare industry’s concerns relating to infection control, healthcare-acquired infection, their detection, source identification and resolution. She has been actively involved in the commissioning of new hospitals, consults in Joint Commission infection control support and HACCP plan implementation. Ms. Blevins is also an owner of Apheresis Associates of Northern Virginia, a partner with the National Marrow Donor Program for stem cell donor collection for patients with leukemia and lymphoma.

Chris Blevins,BA
Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Chris Blevins has been involved with Aerobiology Laboratory in one facet or another for 15 years. Chris started his career with Aerobiology as their first salesperson after graduating from Virginia Tech with a BA in Communications and Psychology. After three years of sales, he transitioned into management to support the growing needs of the company. His main point of focus is on employee development, improving company information systems while strengthening the company from within while looking for opportunities to expand Aerobiology’s industry presence. This is being achieved by constantly updated Aerobiology’s LIMS system and helping Aerobiology expand by opening new laboratory locations. He continues to develop a strong management team, and look for additional opportunities to show clients why Aerobiology Laboratory is setting the standard for quality and customer support.

Sun Bun Bowling,B.S. in Chemistry
Director of Quality Assurance

Sun Bun Bowling, B.S. Chemistry, is the Director of Quality Assurance for Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. Sun Bun has strong scientific foundations in math, statistics, IAQ/environmental microbiology, Asbestos, Industrial Hygiene, and Chemistry. In her position, Sun Bun oversees and accomplishes the design and implementation of all QA programs. She ensures that our labs provide the highest quality of work in addition to reliable, reproducible and defensible results. She also reviews and maintains SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures), all internal/external quality control of testing methods. She ensures maintaining accreditation and participation in proficiency programs. She continually evaluates and modifies the QA program to conform to all requirements of certifying and accrediting agencies and policies (AIHA-LAP, LLC, NVLAP, ISO). She communicates with all QA managers regarding any quality assurance guidelines and updates. Please feel free to contact Sun Bun with any questions about our quality assurance programs at Aerobiology.

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