Allergen Testing and Analysis

Aerobiology Laboratory offers environmental allergen analysis services, which cover dust mites, cat and dog allergens, cockroach, urinary mouse and rat proteins, and molds. We can also test for pollen concentrations, and elevated levels of other non-biological components of air that may illicit an allergenic response such as feathers, fiberglass, mineral wool and other building material products.

Test Code Analysis Tat Sample Protocol
Allergen Panel 8 (MARIA – Dust Mites p1/f1, Cockroach, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Rat, Mite Group 2) 7-10 days Click Here
Polyclonal Dust Mites (MARIA – Der-p1 & Der-f1) 7-10 days
Allergen Panel 5 (MARIA – Dust Mites p1/f1, Cockroach, Cat, Dog) 7-10 days
Cockroach Allergen (MARIA) 7-10 days
Cat Dander Allergen (MARIA) 7-10 days
Dog Dander Allergen (MARIA) 7-10 days
Mouse Allergen (MARIA) 7-10 days
Rat Allergen (MARIA) 7-10 days
Mite Group 2 Allergen (MARIA) 7-10 days

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