When Suzanne Sniscak Blevins was young, her mom couldn’t have foreseen her love of science at such a young age…or could she? She asked for a geology kit for Christmas fully equipped with acids and bases, rocks and minerals. She wrote reports on scientists like Anton van Leeuwenhoek in elementary school, essentially predicting her choice of subject would be her life-long passion. It was Suzanne’s first Microbiology class at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute that solidified this love of science, from that first class Suzanne knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Suzanne graduated from Virginia Tech in 1976 and began her career at American Medical Laboratories, Inc. (AML) that July where she focused on clinical microbiology. She would spend the next 17 years there among great friends and colleagues, all while starting a family and traveling. The clinical nature of microbiology exposed her to interesting cases day in and day out so when they time came for her to jump over to environmental microbiology it was seamless. She was able to take her extensive clinical knowledge and use it in the environmental field in unique ways traditional environmental microbiologist had not.

She left AML in October 1994 to work for an environmental firm for the next three years, but her passion for science and the customers outgrew her role there. Suzanne decided to start Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. in 1997 with two core values;

1. Advancement of the science and commitment to meeting the highest scientific quality standards.
2. Total engagement at customer services to help her customer meet their customer’s needs

Suzanne’s drive, enthusiasm and knowledge attracted customers across all industries. Starting with just one location in Washington, D.C., the second lab opened in Atlanta, GA in 2001 to meet the demand of our customers.

In 2004 Suzanne became the sole proprietor of Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. after buying out her partner.

Suzanne, her family and staff continued to overcome obstacles growing the business but enjoyed the journey! With her leadership, the help of our amazing staff and support of her son Chris Blevins in Operations, Aerobiology continued to grow and opened our Denver location in 2008.

Suzanne’s passion for her work is what draws customers and respected peers to her. Aerobiology continues to put our clients first and has established a national presence to be recognized across the industry. In 2020 Aerobiology became part of the vast Pace Analytical network of laborites and we look forward to continuing to share our passion, knowledge and support with you for many years to come.


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