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The technical management staff at Aerobiology brings over a hundred years of expertise in assisting our clients in developing a defensible and technical approach to building-related investigations, in-depth microbiology support of data, product development/challenges and asbestos building related material analyses. We encourage AND look forward to our clients developing a dialog with the technical staff at Aerobiology.

Suzanne Blevins, B.S., SM(ASCP) is the Laboratory Director and Technical Manager for the Dulles laboratory. A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Suzanne offers over forty-three years of microbiology experience. As Laboratory Director she also provides technical assistance in sampling approaches, techniques and data interpretation. Suzanne is the contact person for testing methods to provide information on bioburden, characterization of population, antimicrobial activity, microbial growth on materials, product resistance to microbial growth, product effectiveness, equipment validation, challenge testing and product efficacy using ASTM, USP, EPA and AATCC methods.

Rizwan Hashmi, Ph.D. joins Aerobiology staff. Rizwan arrives from the Dept. of Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems at Southern Illinois University with degrees from M.S./Botany-University of Karachi, Pakistan; M.S./ Plant Breeding & Genetics-Southern Illinois University; Post Graduate Diploma/Seed Pathology/Seed Technology- Copenhagen; Ph.D./Plant Breeding and Genetics-Southern Illinois University. Dr. Hashmi functions as Aerobiology’s Atlanta location’s Technical Manager. Dr. Hashmi manages the AIHA-LAP, LLC EMLAP Program and is available for client consultation with expertise in statistical analysis of data and fungal identification/speciation.

Sun Bun Bowling, B.S. Chemistry, is the Director of Quality Assurance for Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. Sun Bun has strong scientific foundations in math, statistics, IAQ/environmental microbiology, Asbestos, Industrial Hygiene, and Chemistry. In her position, Sun Bun oversees and accomplishes the design and implementation of all QA programs. She ensures that our labs provide the highest quality of work in addition to reliable, reproducible and defensible results. She also reviews and maintains SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures), all internal/external quality control of testing methods. She ensures maintaining accreditation and participation in proficiency programs. She continually evaluates and modifies the QA program to conform to all requirements of certifying and accrediting agencies and policies. She communicates with all QA managers regarding any quality assurance guidelines and updates. Please feel free to contact Sun Bun with any questions about our quality assurance programs at Aerobiology.


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