Aerobiology’s Boston, MA location now offers chemistry capabilities to test for Lead and other chemicals. All of our accreditation’s and certifications can be found here.

When shipping or dropping off your samples at the Boston, MA lab, please include a completed Chain of Custody.


Parameter Method
Lead, Paint SOP Based on SW846-7420
Lead, Dust Wipe SOP Based on SW846-7420
Lead, Air, Personal SOP Based on NIOSH 7082
Lead, Soil SOP Based on SW846-7420
TCLP, Lead SOP Based on EPA-1311/7420
TSP, Gravimetric SOP Based on 40 CFR Part 53.33
Total or Nuisance Dust SOP BASED ON NIOSH 0500
PM-10 Gravimetric SOP Based on 40 CFR P50 App J
Metals by ICP SOP Based on EPA 3051/6010B

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