We offer a full menu of viable bacteria and fungi analysis as well as a full range of non-viable testing. Contact us today for more information!

We offer a full menu of viable bacteria (HAI pathogens, MRSA, Mycobacterium and environmental bacteria) and viable fungi (Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cryptococcus, Stachybotrys and environmental fungi). In addition to viable analysis we also offer a full range of non-viable testing (spore traps, tapes and surface directs and bulk directs) with a variety of TAT. We are CDC ELITE certified for Legionella analysis and we also perform Sewage ScreensE. coli, fecal coliforms/Enterococcus), HPC and E.coli P/A on drinking water and non-potable water sources. Our Virginia and Denver lab are NVLAP accredited for bulk PLM asbestos containing material.


Water Analysis (Legionella)



Bacterial Analysis



Fungal Analysis



USP 797 Analysis



Non Culturable Analysis



Miscellaneous Analysis



Asbestos Analysis



Environmental Allergen Analysis


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