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Aerobiology Laboratory provides microbial and asbestos testing services. In addition to laboratory analyses we also rent sampling equipment and assist in the development of sampling approaches and protocol. Visit our online store, the AeroSTORE for supplies.

Bacterial Analysis We offer a full menu of viable bacteria (HAI pathogens, MRSA, Mycobacterium and environmental bacteria) and viable fungi (Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cryptococcus, Stachybotrys and environmental fungi). All seven laboratory locations are CDC Elite certified for Legionella analysis and in addition, we also perform Sewage Screens, HPC and E.coli P/A on drinking water and non-potable water sources.
Fungal Analysis We offer a full menu of viable fungal analysis (Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cryptococcus, Stachybotrys and environmental fungi). In addition to viable analysis we also offer a full range of non-viable testing (spore traps, tapes and surface directs and bulk directs) with a variety of TAT.
Non Culturable Analysis Non-culturable analyses are done by direct microscopic examination of air swabs, tapes or bulk material. This allows for complete characterization of the fungal spores, fruiting structures, hyphal elements and other fungal fragments in addition to pollen grains, elevated levels of bacteria, and identification of select non-biological materials. This total fungal characterization allows identification of fungi that may be both viable upon culture and those that would not be viable upon culture. The advantages of direct reads are that it can be performed quickly, it is useful as a general screening tool and as an assessment tool for post-verification.
Allergens Aerobiology Laboratory offers environmental allergen analysis services which covers dust mites, cat and dog allergens, cockroach, urinary mouse and rat proteins and molds. We can also test for pollen concentrations, and elevated levels of other non-biological components of air that may illicit an allergenic response such as feathers, fiberglass, mineral wool and other building material products.
Miscellaneous Testing Aerobiology Laboratory offers a wide range of miscellaneous analyses ranging from thermophilic actinomycete cultures, Mycobacterium cultures, sulfate reducing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, ATP testing and more. Product validation and R&D Testing is another testing capability we offer in all laboratory locations. Please contact laboratory to discuss methods not listed under specific categories to support your investigation. The list below includes a representation, not a complete list of capabilities.
PLM Asbestos Testing Aerobiology Laboratory offers testing for asbestos containing materials at our Virginia, Phoenix and Colorado locations. These labs are accredited by NVLAP for PLM analysis (EPA 600/R-93/116) on building materials, soil, microvac samples, vermiculite and tape and Point Count (EPA 400/1000). We offer 2 hour TAT, same day, 24 hours and routine TAT. The Denver location is open on Saturday. Contact laboratory for rush TAT samples and volume discount.

Materials required for biological sampling are provided at no charge. Visit our online store, the AeroSTORE for culture media, sterile specimen containers, swabs, slides for non-viables, double-sided tape and chain of custody forms.

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