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Two nursing homes in Pennsylvania test positive for Legionnaires’ Disease

Over the past few months, two nursing homes in Pennsylvania run by Kane Regional have tested positive for Legionella. The Kane McKeesport with 270 Residents tested positive last year and Glen Hazel with approximately 200 residents this year. Legionnaires’ Disease can lead to pneumonia and can be fatal to people with weak immune systems.

With such a high-risk population it stresses the importance of legionella testing and prevention measures.

Due to the high-risk population, certain measures are being taken to ensure that the occurrence of the bacteria doesn’t lead to an outbreak or further contamination. After the previous [2016] positive test results and infections, there was a copper-silver water treatment system installed. As this was not enough and the second positive test results [2017] have occurred, the residents at the two locations have been given measures to help prevent them from contracting any health problems. Bottled water is being handed out, showers are restricted, as well as the ice machines at one of the facilities. The staff is also working with the vendor who installed their water treatment system and ice machines to make the necessary adjustments.

Luckily, “Nobody is exhibiting symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease,” county officials said [2017].

With multiple positive tests and patients being hospitalized after being infected [2016] it stresses the importance of Legionella testing. Cases like this emphasize the importance of maintaining the quality and cleanliness of water treatment and handling systems as well as consistently testing them to ensure they aren’t contaminated with unwanted microorganisms which could lead to illness and/or death.

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